Merry Christmas 

   Wish you all a wonderful Christmas this year. Too much to shop and bake and wrap gifts, there is really no time for blogging.
There’s my Christmas ball I tried painting with some color for my bird’s home. He loves them hanging around. 

He is Mr.Cookie, a 3 month old budgie. He loves chirping, very friendly and great with kids. By the way it’s his first Christmas with us and we love having him with us. Hope he feels the same. 



The Useless Candles

Since two years, I have been crazy and obsessed all over the scented candles. Wherever I went, those aromas came with me for a while. After sometime they dropped dead. Anyways I still bought a spade of them falling in love with the lavender and strawberry & Vanilla flavours recently.

Nowadays its all about fancying for the candle holders, Vases and stuff. Yet, I have got this bunch of candles I have no use for and every time my husband reminds me the trash can they belong to, I feel sad. I knew they deserve to be part of something beautiful although their aroma is long gone. So, this is what I came up with yesterday.

It is a small kick start of my crazy craft work with useless candles. I am sure women are good at this but me being one of those who never even touched a sketch, It is one of a kind I made.

You can make lot of interesting stuff with the candles that have no scent or they can’t be lit with the left over wax hanging out, they looked empty and cold. I gave it a thought and all I have at home are a pair of scissors and pro paint artist Palette, a 12 pc one bought from reject shop a while ago and any unused dark piece of cloth would be perfectly good to begin this project.

What all you require:

  1. Cloth: Some dark colour preferable to wipe off the paint.
  2. Paint of your choice/sketch or anything that brings out some colour.
  3. Brush.
  4. Bowl of water

Well, if the tip is not broken fully, You can still reuse but the tiny candles I have are in the worst condition. So, I just scraped off the remaining wax with a tiny sharp thing and started working on it.

I tried to take as many pictures as possible. I hope you will appreciate the absurdity of my project.

Time to get crafty with useless candles;

Take one of the candles and like I mentioned earlier, Scrape off any leftover wax and either dip the brush in a bowl of water first and then dip in the colour of your choice or do it the other way.

Since this is my first time, I just happened to drop some water on the colour I chose and began. After a while, It got smudgy and changed the original colour. So, be careful.

I chose red and just started splashing the paint as hand went and put some dots on top of it after the paint dried. It just takes few seconds. Keep dipping in the water, It is easier.

I chose green colour for the inner portion and painted it plain on the walls and since I didn’t have any design on my mind, I just managed to try the contrast colour for Green and made some stripes across the centre and painted Green for the centre.

This is how it turned out. Not pretty bad right?

  1. Red for the outside walls and stripes or any design of your choice.
  2. Green for the inner walls.
  3. Green for the centre portion.

Set it aside and get crafty again.

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The Craft Women

All of a sudden, The craft women in me woke up and surprised me this morning. Sometime back when I visited one of my friends house, I saw a beautiful collection of craft work which she does at her leisure hours. After that, I wondered and felt lost for a while because there was this feeling inside me which was tearing me apart that I couldn’t do anything girly or what women usually are supposed to know. I can cook and keep my home organised and make my bed. But, Is that really enough?

“Could I do something more creative?” This kept bothering me for a while but I am one of those who has a big time problem to kick start anything. Once I am over that first try, I make wonders happen seriously.

So, I quit my job sometime ago and started writing. My poetry books are out on amazon and they are among the best-sellers. So, I contradict my perplexing attitude of low self-confidence or my capacity to do anything. But, this craft work, home decorations, sewing, knitting, playing instrument are way of my imagination although I love them all. I love doing all that.

That’s why I am here today to take some baby steps in being a crafty women.