Start a joyful today with a cup of tea,
Forget yesterday, It is long gone.

Start fresh every morning and see how glorious and beautiful life will be. 

Good Morning 

Pic: belongs to my kitchen


My Painting 

Today I am painting a wooden organiser I got for a $ or more during Christmas. I just love everything to be dazzling a bit and colourful. At the same time, I prefer classy look. 

Hope it turns out to be something good. Well, I am having great time. Hope you do too with what you like. 

Blog a book

Have you ever thought about turning every page of your blog into a book?

Every page will have a story, 

Every picture will have a moment to remind you of what your thoughts were back then, 

Every like or comment would be a gesture of  appreciation or token of love from your readers. 

It will be fun. I am thinking about giving it a try just for fun. 

Hooked On Coloring

Colouring books have suddenly caught my interest after watching “Better Homes and Gardens”. I have heard nowadays women suddenly show great sense of interest and appreciation towards crafting stuff it could be knitting, sewing, colouring, decorating. As long as you are doing something to change the look of your empty walls and space, You are a crafty woman.

I just got a print of two or three designs I liked and since I didn’t have any sketches or colour pencils except the paint stuff, I decided to give it a go with the markers I had handy and it looks like this:

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