My Artwork

I have been very passionate towards art these past few months and as I was going through many tutorials which would help me begin drawing, it struck me to began creating something of my own. It is interesting and a great way to spend your afternoons if you are at home and in your leisure hours. A great relaxation therapy I can say.

So, here are few celtic designs I started creating and I think they are pretty cool. I would love to know what you think. I had trouble following videos for days and would feel low when I couldn’t really connect dots and sway around like how others do. They are lucky and I just wanted to feel a bit myself by doing what I can.

There’s no thumb rule that a design must be in a way. A pattern is something more of your creativity. I started creating lot of designs, geometric patterns I can say and they have come out beautifully although you might find some of them awful.

Nevertheless, I am sharing a picture with all the pieces together for you to figure out. I preferred using my handy markers since I still don’t have the solvents and stuff required to paint. Yet, I did go ahead and use water with colours here and there 🙂