My Artwork

I have been very passionate towards art these past few months and as I was going through many tutorials which would help me begin drawing, it struck me to began creating something of my own. It is interesting and a great way to spend your afternoons if you are at home and in your leisure hours. … Continue reading My Artwork


My Painting 

   Today I am painting a wooden organiser I got for a $ or more during Christmas. I just love everything to be dazzling a bit and colourful. At the same time, I prefer classy look.  Hope it turns out to be something good. Well, I am having great time. Hope you do too with … Continue reading My Painting 

Hooked On Coloring

Colouring books have suddenly caught my interest after watching "Better Homes and Gardens". I have heard nowadays women suddenly show great sense of interest and appreciation towards crafting stuff it could be knitting, sewing, colouring, decorating. As long as you are doing something to change the look of your empty walls and space, You are … Continue reading Hooked On Coloring

The Useless Candles

Since two years, I have been crazy and obsessed all over the scented candles. Wherever I went, those aromas came with me for a while. After sometime they dropped dead. Anyways I still bought a spade of them falling in love with the lavender and strawberry & Vanilla flavours recently. Nowadays its all about fancying … Continue reading The Useless Candles