Forget me not who I am,

How beautiful I am,

How refreshing I make you feel.

Allow yourself to grow just like me everyday a little 
@piccredit: Rootolife 


A perfect thing to do before your bed-time during the winters is to jump into your PJ’s( Jump literally doesn’t mean jump..:)) 

That’s a degree of excitement 😊 

Well, put on your PJ’s and snuggle in a cup of tea with a knitted pair of mittens or something of your choice and socks to keep you cozy and in harmony with the cold.

Peppermint or Chamomile with Lemon are some of the teas with great aroma and health benefits. 


Today, All we need is some minion love and staying healthy. 

Choice to eat healthy is a step to living healthy and happy life.

Check out our ‘Health & Fitness’ page for books. 

Life is a blessing

Sometimes when you are feeling low, Don’t conflict your thoughts. Just go with the flow.

Do your favourite thing. Do something that makes you feel real good.

Have a good cry. You need not know the reason behind your emotional flow but just cry.

All you want is to be able to talk to someone who doesn’t judge you at all so that you can be just you. If you have that someone, the one very special person whom you can tell anything and everything, You are living your best life.

Be thankful and feel alive every second.

Whatever you are feeling right now is not going to last forever. So, if you are feeling lost and low, just take time to dig deep into your heart to talk to the real ‘you’.