I am a craft woman. I make lot of things although I never really think when I start making something as to what I do with them or where can I really fit them at home. For me in past few weeks, I have found immense pleasure in making things.

Just like they say,

“Before you think out of the box, You must think about the box”.

Get crafty and you will see the dullness will be swept away by the shine your craft work brings to your home.

I print some free designs available on the Internet, colour them and frame them. They make a very classy and cute decorative pieces on the walls. I made some cute little projects with scented candles that are of no use and many more.

Please take a look at my work and join my blog to discuss your ideas or share your work and thoughts.

What do you do with the candles which have no use for you after they are burnt off to the core. They seem empty, cold and scent less while they added some fragrance and brought some compliments from your friends when they came for dinner to your house.

Well, those small tiny scented candles do have some purpose and will add a texture of freshness and bring out the craft women from each of us if we step out and start doing.

I am doing some tiny cute craft projects which I am sure will lift your spirit up and add on as a piece of decoration to your home.

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